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The Pope met Peter Pan in Rome...

(Anti) Easter Pot Luck was fun: Ten friends, one long table, daffodils everywhere. I made pizza, Emma made chocolate nests. The others brought:

- beetroot salad (Jake)
- tabbouleh (Claire)
- potato soup (Hannah)
- eggs and crumpets and English muffins (Tash and Darius)
- tofu, mushroom and spinach bake (Lena)
- Columbian cornmeal buns (Jose)
- home-made soda bread (Anna)

We had a chocolate hunt in the garden in the rain and then we played several rounds of consequences

I decided to go vegan for Lent just to see if I could. There were a 4/5 slip ups but I basically did it. Today I went to the cafe on the corner and bought a bacon sandwich for breakfast. It was amazing.