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The wind outside is scary.

Firstly - yay! and yay!

Secondly - a belated Happy St Andrew's Day to everyone. Ours involved ceilidhs, oatcakes and Buckfast. It tastes like Passover wine.

Thirdly - I saw Shortbus on Friday afternoon at the Filmhouse (everyone should go - before 4pm it's £1.80 for students!) Shortbus (by the guy who did Hedwig and the Angry Inch) was the film that created a bit of a stir at Cannes because it's full of graphic un-simulated sex and is the most explicit film to have come out of America since I don't know what. I wondered a tad nervously if it would just be me and a bunch of weird old men in the cinema but actually it was really cool. A good third of the audience were female, lots were students and there were quite a few men and women who were well over sixty. (I shouldn't have been so surprised. Why shouldn't old people watch sex?) Anyway, the film was much better than I thought it would be - really funny and moving and the sex was, well, just sex. I don't think it was gratuitous. (There's a funny thread on IMDB where people are having huge arguments over whether it's a porn film or not. I don't think it is.) You should go see it. I felt I could have taken friends along with me (well, friends who aren't prudish about watching orgies.)

Fourthly - it's weird to think that all classes are over and I have my exam next week and then first semester's finished. On Saturday I met up with other people in the awesome Favorit to have midnight cake and coffee and play Scrabble and say goodbye to Alison who is heading home to New York. I'd like to go to New York too.